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2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards

2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards

We are proud to announce that for a second year running, we have been short listed for Defence Connect's coveted 2022 Defence Industry Awards. These awards are the premier event of the year that recognise leading professionals and businesses in the defence community across our nation. This year we have been short listed for two awards;

Executive of the Year

In recognition of Swordfish MD, Marcus Saunders' achievements in bringing together a team of passionate, motivated and capable engineers, scientists and mathematicians, fostering a great company culture, and transforming the corporate policies, practices and systems that have enabled the sustained exponential year on year growth. All this whilst not losing sight of the company's core values; genuinely valuing and acting in the best interests of its staff and clients, and its vision of being a trusted industry partner for Defence Science & Technology Group and the wider Australian Defence organisation.

Marcus says "I am humbled by the recognition and proud to be named as a finalist for the Executive of the Year award. This is not my achievement, it's the achievement of the entire Swordfish team whom I represent, and it stands as a tribute to their commitment, dedication and their uniquely individual skills and experiences; an amazing team without whom Swordfish would not be the success it is today."

Sub-contractor of the Year

In recognition of Swordfish's commitment to providing exceptional service to its Defence clients through an approach that is collaborative, open and genuinely seeking to deliver on the intent of its engagements, not merely its contractual obligations.

Our approach focusses on providing reliable continuity of high-quality Science and Technology (S&T) capability imbued with deep defence domain knowledge within an environment of the fragmentary Defence contracting processes, and short funding cycles. Despite the complexity of our environment, our teams have delivered exceptional outcomes and made significant contributions to the programs that are shaping Australia's defence capabilities and helping to secure our nation's future. We are proud of our teams and humbled by this recognition.

The final winners will be announced on Thursday, 15 September at the National Convention Centre Canberra. Our congratulations to all the successful finalists in all the award categories. The calibre of finalists reflects the diversity and world class capabilities in the Australian defence industry; we are proud to be a part of.

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